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Is it Safe to Travel to Israel?

It’s understandable to be excited about embarking on a Footsteps of Paul Cruise/Tour that includes a stop in Israel. With the ongoing conflict in Israel, it’s important that we consider safety before embarking on any trip to the region.

While we are currently booking cruises that include stops in Israel, safety is our top priority. 

Our cruise and tour operators monitor the situation regularly and will make the decision to not stop in Israel if the area is deemed unsafe for our travelers.

If that were the case, the cruise company would replace those stops with other port locations with rich historical significance.

We understand that our clients’ well-being is our responsibility, hence we closely work with local authorities and constantly monitor regional security situations to ensure that our travel plans align with what is in the best interest of our guests so that travelers have a seamless, stress-free journey.

In conclusion, while we are keeping an eye on the situation in Israel, we will only carry on with cruises and tours if it’s safe for our clients. The safety of our guest always comes first.

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