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How to prepare for a trip of a lifetime?

This page is filled with the resources you will need to prepare for a trip of a lifetime, a tour of Israel or a Footsteps of Paul Cruise/Tour. Reservations have been made, flights have been arranged, now it’s time to prepare for a successful journey.

Review the Resources page, download the traveler handbook, read through the packing list, check your passport and let us know if you have any questions. 

It is often said and is most certainly true, once you take a journey to Israel or a Footsteps of Paul Cruise/Tour, you will never read your bible the same again.

You will experience the very places described in the pages of the Bible when you stand on the Mount of Olives and see Jerusalem spread out before you from the same path Jesus descended when he entered Jerusalem that day we call the Triumphant Entry and Palm Sunday.

Walk the same Southern Steps that Jesus walked as He entered the Temple in Jerusalem, or sail the Sea of Galilee on a wooden boat and hear the words of Jesus from the scriptures come alive.

Virtually every traveler on our Christian journeys comes away with a deeper understanding of their bible and a deeper faith because of what they experienced on their journey. 

We look forward to having you  join us on an upcoming tour of Israel or Footsteps of Paul Cruise/Tour.

The best preparation for a trip to Israel or a Footsteps of Paul Cruise/Tour is to read your Bible! A tour of Israel will touch on biblical stories from the days of David the King to the days of Jesus and the disciples. Read through the gospels and get to know Jesus afresh and anew as you will soon walk over the same places Jesus walked with His disciples.

To prepare for a Footsteps of Paul Cruise/Tour, read through the book of Acts as you will be following Paul’s missionary journeys throughout the eastern Mediterranean from Athens and Corinth to Ephesus and Rome.

We also recommend reading up on the specific sites you’ll visit on your journey. Look through the itinerary for a list of biblical sites to study.

One of our favorite resources is The Christian Traveler’s Guide to the Holy Land, by professor Charles H. Dyer.

You can expect to walk more on a tour of Israel than on a Footsteps of Paul Cruise/Tour.  But both biblical journeys will require a considerable amount of walking and you will want to be prepared in advance.

You should be able to walk at least a mile at a time and be able to climb two or three flights of stairs to do well on your journey.

Some of the surfaces are uneven and some of the paths have become so smooth over time that they can be a bit slippery, so you’ll need a good pair of walking shoes with good traction.

The best way to prepare is just to get out and walk. Try to go a little farther each day in advance of departure so you can build up endurance. It will make your journey much easier and much more pleasant. 

You are about to embark on an unforgettable journey and being prepared will make for a successful and enjoyable journey.

Flights to Europe or Israel from the US can mean flights of 10 hours or more and a little preparation will go a long way.

Bring a pack pillow and try to get some sleep on the plane; a few catnaps will even help if you’re not one who sleeps well on a plane.

Get some good “noise canceling” headphones. You’ll surprised how much it helps to be able to have the noises from the flight be ‘cancelled’ by the headphones.

You might consider compression socks as many people experience some swelling in their legs and feet from sitting over an extended time. When the seatbelt sign is off, try getting up and stretching your legs more while you’re flying.

Don’t forget to hydrate. Humidity levels on most planes are typically 10-20% which is much less than what we need to stay hydrated. Drinks lots of liquids while flying. 

Be patient. There are often longer lines at airport security or at check-in, but we make every effort to build in ample time to get you where you need to go. Be patient and enjoy conversation with those in your group. it is also often said that you begin a journey as friends but end the journey as family. Enjoy the people you travel with, that will add to the joy of the journey.

Traveler Testimonials

We had a wonderful time on the Israel trip. There was so much to see but you were able to provide the right balance of pilgrimage and vacation. The teachings at the sites were outstanding and our understanding of the gospels and Old Testament stories increased significantly after being there. The accommodations and food as well as the guides, were excellent. We started the trip not knowing anyone and came away with lasting friendships that will likely continue long after the trip. The best affirmation we can give for Rishon Tours is that the Israel trip was so great that we are now looking forward to the opportunity to go on the Footsteps of Paul Cruise next year.
- Ed and Karin D.
Everything about the trip was amazing. You did an amazing job of providing a budget-friendly trip yet managed to book us into some very nice hotels. The food was great, the buses comfortable, the drivers amazing in their ability to navigate close quarters, and I absolutely loved our guide, Mark. The tour of Israel and Jordan was truly amazing. The guides did an excellent job of teaching about the history of the sites, and the pastors really brought the Bible to life in their devotional times. And I met so many wonderful fellow travelers. I know some of them will be lifelong friends. I would definitely take another Rishon tour in the future and recommend them to my friends.
- Marva W.
Thank you so much for such an amazing, life altering trip. I’ve traveled to many places, but no place can compare to the Holy Land, the place where God chose to put His name. From the moment I arrived I could just feel the shalom of the Lord. It was a beautiful, wonderful experience that can’t be put in words. The tour was great, We learned so much, the Bible came to life. I will never read the Bible the same ever again. I loved loved loved this trip. It was so great!! If the Lord wills, I’ll get to do it again!
- Ruth M.

Traveler Resources

Here are even more resources to help you prepare for your trip to Israel or Footsteps of Paul Cruise/Tour. Read and research through these posts and let us know if you have any questions.

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